Qualified Investor Questionnaire 

If you are interested in hearing more about investment opportunities from DXE PROPERTIES, please complete this investor questionnaire.  A member of our team will then contact you to discuss investment opportunities with our company, if the company is able to form a reasonable belief that you are a “qualified investor” (as such term is defined under applicable federal and state securities laws). Remember, your information will be kept private and we will not sell or provide your information to anyone!
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My annual net income was at least $200K in each of the last two years, or my joint income with my spouse was in excess of $300K in each of those years; and I have reasonable expectation of income in the current year of at least equal to those amounts.
Assets: *
My current individual net worth or joint net worth with my spouse is at least $1 million (Excluding home equity).
Business, Financial & Investment Experience:
I am an experienced investor as demonstrated by my following investment, business, and financial background: (Check all that apply)
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I am interested in investing current 401K/IRA Funds
By signing below, I hereby certify the above is true and correct:
If I choose to participate in any real estate investment opportunities or private placement opportunities referred to in the requested information provided to me, it will be of my own free will and accord and not through solicitation or coercion by any agents, affiliates or non-affected entities related to you directly or indirectly. THIS IS NOT AN OFFER TO SELL SECURITIES. THE PURPOSE OF THIS QUESTIONNAIRE IS TO ESTABLISH A PRE-EXISTING RELATIONSHIP AND TO VERIFY THAT YOU ARE QUALIFIED TO INVEST IF WE HAVE ANY AVAILABLE OFFERINGS IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE LAW. THIS QUESTIONNAIRE IS NOT IN CONTEMPLATION OF ANY SPECIFIC OFFERING.